Eldorado Packaging, Inc.is a newly formed Company that has been manufacturing SOS Style Consumer Packaging since 1950 and Multiwall Bags since 1962. The Corporate headquarters is located in Rosemount, MN, the company has 3 manufacturing and sales facilities. Omaha, Nebraska, Rosemount, MN and El Dorado, AR.

El Dorado Packaging is a leader in Multiwall and Consumer Bag packaging products and services focused on the Seed Industry and Food Products as well as Animal Health Products. The Company provides extensive manufacturing and design expertise in Multiwall bags, FIBC Bulk Bags, Polywoven Bags, and Roll Stock for a wide range of industries.  The Company is strategically positioned in the Midwest.  We service the US, Canada and Mexico markets as well as some South American customers.  www.multiwallbags.com

Multiwall Bag Locations

Three full-line multiwall bag facilities located to service your specific needs.  Our facilities manufacture a full line of sewn open mouth (SOM), and pinch bottom open mouth (PBOM).  We also provide pasted valve stepped end (PVSE), pasted open mouth and (POM) style multiwall bags. All self-opening square (SOS) consumer style bags are manufactured at our Omaha Facility as well as our Eldorado Arkansas Facility.  All the Bag Plants are AIB (American Institute of Baking) Certified - Rated Superior.  We have Bulk Bags available at our Omaha Plant, and Rosemount, MN Plant.

El Dorado, AR

Rosemount, MN

Omaha, NE

Value Added Graphics/Printing

Our bag plants have in-house Graphic Art Departments with the latest equipment for the latest graphic designs, layouts and High Imaging Technology plate-making.  We have highly qualified expertise and state-of-the-art equipment; Eldorado Packaging assures quality control procedures from graphics to press, to the customer, to the end user.  We print Bar Codes for a variety of MW Bags as well as apply RFID tags for customers that require these.

Printing Capabilities

Five Printing presses for MW Bags, all Flexographic presses are Wide Web and available to print line work or full process print quality.  Color capability ranges from one color to eight colors.  We also have coating stations to apply high gloss lacquer finish when required.  The Consumer Bag location has 8 Flexographic Presses and can print up to 10 Colors.

Supplier Partnership

Established formal partnerships with ink suppliers, who in turn staff their team of employees at our plants to formulate and mix inks to best meet the high quality standards and customer demands for print clarity and color consistency from order to order.

Test Facilities

Use qualified testing labs for UN testing for Multiwall Bags.  They run drop tests and various strength tests for closure seals and paper tensile to help evaluate the package integrity of the many different constructions of Multiwall Bags. All labs are equipped with Test Chambers to evaluate moisture protection and to perform humid aging tests as well as a 3rd Party testing for physical properties as needed.

Inside Sales Service

The Customer Service Department is on-site and our service is unmatched throughout the industry.  Direct contact with each manufacturing facility provides immediate communication, an absolute must for timely response and assistance for customers.  Customer Service is always in direct contact with Scheduling, Manufacturing, and Sales personnel to assist in following the progress of your order.  They are also in direct contact with the Art Department to follow-up on the status of the art proofs, negatives, and plates.

Cost Saving Programs

Cost saving inventory programs, (i.e., blanket orders with designated ship dates, we have printed roll stock inventory programs, finished bag inventory programs, and minimum/maximum inventory programs) are available to meet the customized needs of large volume just-in-time (JIT) requirements.

Customized Inventory Reporting

Inventory control is extremely important in maintaining a customized inventory program.  Direct and timely communication between Manufacturing, Customer Service, and Sales to the customer is a necessity to assure on time deliveries.  Computerized inventory reports can be formulated and supplied by fax, e-mail or regular mail on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis as needed.

It is the goal of the Eldorado Packaging Team to earn the opportunity to provide you with the best value and service available in the industry.